Welcome to our LAC1201 Blog


Ni Hao, Hello! Welcome to The Smiley Guide!  Welcome to our LAC1201 Blog 🙂

Our Project, titled  我怎么认识你的爸爸  , which means ‘How I Met Your Father’ . Blushing Smiley

Here are the various parts of the blog, do click on the link above to know more.

Credits – Acknowledgement of those who helped contribute towards the development of the project.

Script– The entire script of the project in English, Pinyin and in Chinese characters. This page also contains a glossary of new words.

Video – The project video. This page contains an embedded Youtube video.

        Reflections – Our individual reflections about the project, as well as the module as a whole.
The Interviewee – Details about the person we interviewed for our project


We hope you will enjoy browsing through this blog.



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