Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Fever is from the boiling of hell, so cool it down with water.’ [Bukhari]

Fever is a strange heat that flares up in the heart, and is then spread throughout the body via the vital spirit (ruh) and the blood, burning in such a way as to harm all the natural functions.

Types of Fever:

  1. Contingent fever – caused by inflammation or sunstroke or by fierce noon heat
  2. Pathological fever – also known as  tertian or quotidian fever, it first formed in a particular location and then spreads to affect the whole body. It first afflicts the vital spirit (ruh) and it generally stops within one day and up to three days.
  3. Putrid fever – if it afflicts the humours
  • 4 kinds: Bilious, atrabilious, phlegmy, sanguineous (blood)

4. Hectic fever – if it afflicts the primary organs

Cold water is beneficial.

Fever is an admonition to mankind concerning the fierceness of the punishment of the Hellfire.

Prophet (pbuh) said ‘Curse it (fever) not, for indeed it wipes out sins, just as fire purges the dross out of iron.‘ [Muslim]

Fever entails the avoidance of harmful foods, the taking of useful foods and medicines, which is all most helpful for the body’s cleansing, expulsion of its impurities and superfluities and purification of its harmful substances.


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