Types of sickness

1. Sickness of the heart

  • Sickness of uncertainty & doubt
  • Sickness of desire & temptation

Medicine of the heart

Tranquility of the heart is obtained via recognition of its Lord & Creator, His Names & Attributes, His actions & Judgements; and it should prefer what He approves of and loves, and should avoid what He forbids & dislikes.

2. Sickness of the body

Bodily medicine

  1. Treatment by simple opposites

Example, treat hunger by eating; treat thirst by drinking water.

2. Medicine requiring thought

a. Illnesses in the temperament resulting in upsetting the equilibrium. Whether erring towards heat or cold, dryness or moisture, or a combination of two of these.

  • 2 kinds: Material or Qualitative
  • Illness of condition appears when the matters which actually caused it have ceased to exist, and while these matters abate, their effects remain as a condition within the temperament.
  • Illness of matter are reinforced by their own causes; and when the cause of an illness remains along with it, then one must first pay attention to the cause, then to the illness itself and then to the medicine for it.

b. Illnesses of the organs

c. General diseases

  • ‘Similar‘ (the temperament departs from a balanced state and this departure is the sickness once it has caused actual perceptible damage)
    • 4 simple: hot, cold, moist and dry
    • 4 compounds: hot & moist, hot & dry, cold & moist, cold & dry
  • Organic

Rules of bodily medicine

  1. Preserve health
  2. Expulsion of harmful substances
  3. Protection from harm

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