Dropsy (istisqa’)

Dropsy an illness of excess which permeated through the limbs; illness of congested matter swelling, edema (excessive accumulation of serum in tissue spaces or a body cavity) from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease   Camel’s milk & urine is beneficial against dropsy. Camel’s milk has the ability to cleanse & soften a diuretic emollient opens obstructions, […]

Diarrhoea & Benefits of Honey

When one is afflicted with diarrhoea, drink honey. Benefits of honey Removes impurities from the veins, intestines and elsewhere Dissolves the moistures when it is eaten or used as an embrocation Nutritious and is an emollient to the constitution Preserves the strength of ointments & anything of which it is an ingredient, including meat, most fruits, […]


Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Fever is from the boiling of hell, so cool it down with water.’ [Bukhari] Fever is a strange heat that flares up in the heart, and is then spread throughout the body via the vital spirit (ruh) and the blood, burning in such a way as to harm all the natural functions. Types […]


Material illness arise due to an increase in matter which comes to a point of excess in the body where it harms its natural functions. IT is caused by:  Consuming more food before before the previous meal has been properly digested Eating in excess of the amount needed by the body. Taking in food which […]

Types of sickness

1. Sickness of the heart Sickness of uncertainty & doubt Sickness of desire & temptation Medicine of the heart Tranquility of the heart is obtained via recognition of its Lord & Creator, His Names & Attributes, His actions & Judgements; and it should prefer what He approves of and loves, and should avoid what He […]

Welcome to our LAC1201 Blog

Ni Hao, Hello!   Welcome to our LAC1201 Blog 🙂 Our Project, titled  我怎么认识你的爸爸  , which means ‘How I Met Your Father’ .  Here are the various parts of the blog, do click on the link above to know more. Credits – Acknowledgement of those who helped contribute towards the development of the project. Script– The entire script of the project […]