Chinese 1 has got to be my favourite module this semester. Lectures and tutorial lessons are always enjoyable and full of laughter. Growing up watching Chinese shows on Channel 8, I have always been interested in learning the language. I am glad I got to take up the language this semester. Learning Chinese is pretty challenging; especially due to the different tone marks. On the other hand, I truly enjoy learning how to write the characters as I have always appreciated beautiful Chinese calligraphy.

Doing this project was a fun experience. It was funny how my friends could not care less of the people watching them filming at the mall! Writing the script for this project has also allow me to express myself in Chinese better. It was a wonderful experience to be working with everyone in the group as well as with Chen Zhuo. His help is truly appreciated.

Lastly, knowing the Chinese language in Singapore is definitely useful. I am glad I could apply what I have learned here! Xièxie lǎoshī, Xuéxí Hànyǔ hěn yǒuyìsi!





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