Fira Atika

Chinese 1 has been really an enjoyable experience for me. Although, I find it a little challenging to match characters with its rightful tones as I try to articulate the word, it is truly worthwhile learning this culture-rich language. I find it amusing that can now understand a significant portion of what my Chinese friends talk about at lunch and even join in their conversations in their mother language. In fact, with Mandarin Language as a medium, I have even tried to conversed with a few elderly at the supermarket every now and then when I have the opportunity. In addition, my friends(who are learning chinese with me) and I always try to challenge ourselves to recognise Chinese characters be it those found on Chinese advertisements in the MRT on our way back home or names of Chinese shops along the street.

While others may feel it is unnecessary to learn Chinese given that English is the prime language in Singapore, I feel that being able to learn this language puts me in advantage in many situations.  Given that Chinese is the main race in Singapore , it sure comes handy. This enables me to understand the Chinese culture further in hopes to a more gracious and harmony Singapore. Moreover, with the growing ties between many companies in Singapore and China, knowing this language might give an edge in the future, in my opinion.

All in all, I have truly enjoyed this opportunity to learn Chinese this semester. Thank you so much to my lecturer, Dr Cheong Lee Peng, and tutor, Ms Zhang Li Rong, for making my experience in Lac1201 a very pleasant one. 我很喜欢汉语!

可爱的学生,舒玲 ;p

Fira Atika Mas’od


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