Out of mere curiosity and the want to learn Chinese Language, I decided to take Chinese 1 as one of my modules in my first semester as an undergraduate. Chinese 1 had been a totally new language with the tone marks and strokes as opposed to the languages that I have learnt, which are Malay and English languages. Chinese 1 allowed me to speak and understand very basic Chinese Language, from saying hello to asking the number of family members a person has in Chinese Language. It has certainly been an enriching module which has has made me better appreciate a new language that I have not understood before.


The video/audio project that we were tasked to do as a group was not an easy project, but it was certainly a fun experience to go through. From first thinking of a concept with my group members for the video to actually recording the video and up till the editing process, it was a different experience as it involved a new language I just learnt. As this was recorded in the public at a shopping mall, we did get stares for speaking in Chinese language when we were surely not Chinese. But this experience had taught me the importance of communication and even being able to quickly adapt with our circumstances and surroundings that we were in. One major factor that affected us was that the rain did not permit us to shoot at our preferred place and we were forced to record at a noisy surrounding. The script had to be adapted to suit the environment. However, this was an important lesson for my future in the case that if I am faced with an unexpected problem, I have to be calm and think of the next best alternative to better meet the needs in the current situation.

Nur Isma Nabila


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