Seri Musfirah

So far, learning Chinese was really fun for me as it is one of the major languages in Singapore. It is entertaining to be able to understand what strangers are talking in Chinese, be it whether at the bus stop or in the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT). It was my first time doing such project and I enjoyed taking this module. Although we had some trouble  memorising the script in Chinese, we manage to successfully complete it. I had an amazing time with my group-mates while recording the video. Also, we were able to apply the Chinese words that we have learnt throughout this module for the video.

Up till now, I had learn useful words that I can use in my daily life such as greeting someone, asking for direction and even ordering food. Moreover, I was able to better understand and realise the  importance of the different tone sounds from this module. Overall, I really enjoy the time spent to learn Chinese as well as interacting with my Chinese lecturer, tutor and classmates.




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